Classes offered

Services Offered

  • Security & Risk Analysis
  • Security & Risk assessments & analysis for home, business, and places of worship.
  • Situational Awareness training & seminars
  • Establishing & Training safety and security teams for places of worship.
  • Security Director Services and consulting: If your business or church is too small to justify a full-time salaried director of security, don’t have the expertise to hire the right person, call us to ask about our Director for Hire program.
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals
  • Countering the Mass Shooter Threat
  • The Legal use of Force
  • Violent Encounters & Their Aftermaths
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Class
  • Site Emergency planning Site analysis
  • Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan
  • Family emergency planning – (Plan, Communicate, Adjust, Survive)
  • Radio Communication (Ham, GMRS, CB, Short waves)
  • Fingerprinting
  • Working with and alongside Law Enforcement, federal and local agencies and other organizations in your area.
  • Assistance in finding and applying for government grants and programs. (we work with multiple outlets that do that)



Firearms Classes offered

Firearms Classes: (Live Fire)

  • NRA Pistol
  • NRA Rifle
  • AZ CCW – ETA Style – (6 Hour class, includes live fire, fingerprints, DPS application packet and many more extra benefits.)
  • Advanced CCW Concepts – (Sharpen your skills in more advanced techniques to mimic real life situations.)
  • Protector Academy – (six months clinic to bring your skills to the next level. Academy covers mindset, awareness, medical, and more)
  • Women Only Classes
  • USCCA classes:
    1. Concealed carry & Home Defense Fundamentals
    2. Basic Handgun
    3. Concealed Carry -AZ Approved – (Live fire)
    4. Home Defense
    5. Intro to Constitutional Carry
    6. Self Defense Firearm Basic
    7. Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
    8. Basic & Advanced Skills (Handgun)


Non-Live Firearms Classes


  • New Shooter Introduction – No Live Fire- No real guns in class (The best option for those who are new or intimidated by guns but still want to learn and expand their knowledge and understanding)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance clinics
  • The Legal use of Force
  • Violent Encounters & Their Aftermaths
  • Gear & Gadgets
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Class
  • Children and Teen Gun Safety classes.
  • Self-Defense Legal & Financial coverage.



Ask about our sponsorship opportunities where you can get 8 FREE classes a year by helping us grow.


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