Hi Everyone, and welcome to Empower Training Academy. My name is Daniel and I am the lead instructor here at ETA Firearms. I served in the Israeli Military, (Golani Brigade) and my career spans over 20 years in security and investigations, risk management and firearms training. I am NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Rifle Instructor& NRA Range Safety Officer. Since I was 16 years old in Israel, I volunteered my time with various Law Enforcement agencies, in various countries and capacities. I am a Security Committee member for my place of worship, handling physical security, CCTV & access control systems and procedures. I also train the safety teams with emergency response and communications

I continue to train and broaden my education on a continual basis, and I look for new and exciting training and classes to offer to potential clients. Current classes range from personal safety in the home, to risk analysis for residential and commercial clients, how to pick the right firearm, to one-on-one firearms training. We continue to expand our class schedule and are excited to bring new training to our students.



Eitan comes to ETA Firearms with over 20 years experience in firearms and medical training. He is a national certified EMT and has worked for various companies including the Israeli Military and MCSO Sheriff’s Posse as part of their Medical Rescue Posse. His wealth of knowledge is a benefit to our students as he provides practical applications to protect yourself and those you care for. Daily gun carry is a wonderful privilege that many are not able to capitalize on due to local/state restrictions. Arizona is not bound by these restrictions, so citizens have a right and privilege that is open and available to them. By executing this right, the carrier has additional responsibilities and enhanced security measures to keep them, and their family, safe. Training for daily carry and CCW is greatly enhanced with the addition of Eitan. He has real world experience in medical trauma and brings a wealth of information exclusively to ETA Firearms students. We are very excited to have such a well-versed instructor as a part of ETA Firearms!


Amanda comes to ETA Firearms from a vast background in Law Enforcement and the Judicial System. Having worked as a parole officer
in Kansas, as well as serving as a Deputy Clerk for the Maricopa County Justice courts.

ETA Firearms clearly understand that there are some things a man cannot teach a women. The firearms industry is not excluded and women tend to feel more comfortable when the instructor is a female. Amanda is also a people’s magnet, making friends and creating relationships in the first few seconds of meeting someone. Amanda also has vast business and marketing knowledge as she ran and operated her own business for a few years now and her understanding of marketing and especially social media are impressive to say the least.


An Honorably Discharged USAF Veteran (E-5) and a seasoned security professional, Steve brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Empower Training Academy. With a remarkable blend of Fortune 200 Company Executive Level experience, public speaking, and volunteer law enforcement assistance, Steve is a valuable asset to our organization.

As a Corporate Trainer and Armed/Less-Lethal Self-Defense Trainer with decades of experience, he currently serves as the Duty MSgt. Sergeant for an armed AZ Law Enforcement Auxiliary Organization, where he is AZ Post Qualified for Semi-Automatic Pistol, Carabine (AR-15), and Traffic Control.Steve’s extensive Armed Security Duty experience includes threat mitigation for businesses, synagogues, churches, and various entities.



Y & L

My wife and I took lessons with Daniel for handgun training. I had some prior basic experience but needed a refresher, and my wife was starting with no experience.

Daniel was very patient and walked us through many important safety rules before getting into some real shooting, but even then he was supportive and very efficient with the limited time that we had. We since decided to make lessons with Daniel a bi-monthly routine.

My skills are more proficient now and so are my wife’s! We are very thankful for Daniel and his training. Both of us are feeling so much more comfortable with our accuracy and ability to safely protect our family.



Recently reached out to ETA about a sales ad posted on Nov 19 2020, I wasn’t very hopeful that the item was still available. within minutes ETA messaged me to let me know it was not only still available, it was still the same price it was when posted! (this was a big deal to me because it was the last piece needed for a build, and the current market had not driven up their price!) ETA was very helpful and maintained constant communication during payment and transit of the product. I highly recommend doing business with ETA, and will be doing more in the future myself.

Also check out their available courses and upcoming courses! THANK YOU ETA, for a smooth transaction for this out of state buyer. Looking forward to training with you next time I am in Scottsdale.



Back to sewing tomorrow but MAN today was fun!!! If anyone wants to take a class with me, reach out!Daniel is AMAZING!ETA Firearms, I learned so much today and had so much fun with hubby at the range!



“Another lesson in the booksToday’s lesson? I’m a pretty good shot without my left eye

Huge thank you to ETA Firearms and Daniel Schneider for helping me feel comfortable and giving me the confidence I need to carry safely.

I haven’t had any experience with weapons since I was a teenager but, it’s become very apparent lately it’s important for me to carry to protect myself.

Daniel is one of the most respectable men I’ve ever worked with. I took a CCW course with him and his fiancé first. He always respects that there are some things a man cannot tell a woman when it comes to safety. Even though today was just him and I, not once did I feel incompetent or silly. I felt safe and confident the entire time.

And, when I got competitive and frustrated, he helped me problem solve and show me that even though I was just left of my target, all my shots were consistent and close. Here, he is showing me one round once I figured out my problem.

If you are thinking about carrying or if you don’t feel confident carrying, I 10/10 recommend ETA Firearms.

– Katelin (Glendale, AZ)

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